Space Nation Reveals Crew NFTs, Announces Closed Beta 2.0

Space Nation Reveals Crew NFTs, Announces Closed Beta 2.0

What is Space Nation?

Space Nation is a web3 MMORPG where players take on the role of spaceship captains awakened from hibernation by the Parousians, descendants of humanity. Set against the backdrop of a galaxy on the brink of war, the game features mysterious ghost ships and unknown dangers that add depth to the storyline.

Players in Space Nation explore a vast universe filled with detailed star systems and planets, all within a 100,000-kilometer radius. Utilizing warp drives, they can traverse Cluster Galaxies, Stellar Systems, and Planetary Systems.

The game also offers a variety of ships, ranging from nimble 30-meter single-player warships to massive 20-kilometer Galaxy Motherships, providing diverse gameplay experiences for captains seeking epic spacefaring adventures.

Space Nation Closed Beta 2.0 Source: Space Nation

How can I access Space Nation Closed Beta 2.0?

Space Nation Closed Beta 2.0 access will available be to Alpha Gate Holders, Prime Navigator Holders, All Space Nation Spaceships NFT holders, including EFES (Enforcer Founder Edition) and various T1/T2 Fighters, Space Nation x Ape Accelerator Ape Odyssey NFT Holders, CB 1.0 Certificate of Glory, and CB 1.0 Certificate of Honor NFT Holders (with burn requirement).


On the 2nd week, Closed Beta 2.0 will allow access to Space Nation Crew: The Immutables NFT Holders.

Players will also have a chance to gain access through the Space Nation Trek Coin Event by collecting coins during the event and combining them to redeem a key for Closed Beta 2.0.

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