Romanian Football Federation Joins FIFA Collect NFT Platform

Romanian Football Federation Joins FIFA Collect NFT Platform

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) has become the first national football association to partner with the Modex and FIFA Collect platform, marking a notable development in the digital sports collectibles sector.

FIFA Collect, created by FIFA in partnership with Modex, allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital football collectibles. while utilizing blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of each NFT.

Fans worldwide can access a variety of digital items, including moments, players, and teams.

Romania Football Federation Joins FIFA Collect NFT Platform Source: Modex

Exclusive Content and Unique Experiences for Fans

In a statement, the FRF announced, “The Romanian Football Federation proudly announces a new innovative partnership with Modex and FIFA, with the aim of integrating exclusive products and benefits for supporters of the Romanian National Team on the FIFA Collect platform.”


FRF President Răzvan Burleanu also highlighted the initiative’s benefits for fans,  “This new platform will allow Romanian fans—and fans around the world—to access exclusive content and unique experiences like never before, bringing them even closer to the National Team.”

This collaboration follows FIFA’s May 2024 announcement that FIFA Collect would be accessible to all football clubs and federations.

Antonio Lorenzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Modex, commented on the partnership, “We are delighted to welcome the FRF as the first federation to join the platform, with many more to follow. By joining FIFA Collect, FRF and its supporters will benefit from increased engagement and exclusive opportunities, leading the future of football fanaticism in Romania as well.”

The FRF aims to use this partnership to create a closer connection between the Romanian National Team and its supporters by offering exclusive content and experiences.

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