Play AI Secures $4.3M Funding for AI and Web3 Breakthroughs

Play AI Secures $4.3M Funding for AI and Web3 Breakthroughs

Play AI—an emerging gaming powerhouse located in the heart of Las Vegas—has successfully concluded its inaugural funding round, securing an impressive $4.3 million.

Established just six months ago, Play AI recently emerged from a three-month stealth phase, during which it garnered support from key investment partners like P2 Ventures, Jump Crypto, Alphage Ventures, and MH Ventures, among others.

The company’s CEO, PS Ramees—known for his work with Adidas and Walmart—advocates AI and blockchain as crucial for the future of gaming and virtual reality.

As a result, the funds are designated for groundbreaking AI middleware and decentralized technology to reshape interactive gaming.

Play AI Funding
Play AI Funding Source: X (Play AI)

Inside Play AI 

Play AI’s platform encompasses Play Markets for data collection, Play Dojo for AI refinement, and Play Hub for seamless AI agent integration.

Security is paramount, with the Eigen Layer—a novel cryptoeconomic security primitive on Ethereum—ensuring the integrity and reliability of AI processes.

With a solid foundation and strong support, Play AI is positioned to transform the gaming industry through advanced AI and blockchain solutions, ensuring safety and innovation.

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