Mollars X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Mollars X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

In an AMA session with BeInCrypto, Sylvain Manzano, the token Deployer of Mollars DEX and $MOLLARS, shared the innovative mission driving this project. Mollars aims to create a transparent, secure, and community-driven decentralized ecosystem. 

$MOLLARS is designed as a store of value governed by the community, ensuring investor interests are at the forefront. Mollars DEX, a cross-chain decentralized exchange, promises to make the ecosystem more accessible by allowing seamless trading between different blockchains. This ecosystem is powered by the underlying $MOLLARS token.

Get ready to explore Sylvain’s vision and see how Mollars is set to transform the future of finance.

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AMA Session With Sylvain Manzano of Mollars

BeInCrypto: Today, we welcome Mollars Deployer, Sylvain Manzano. I’ll have some questions for the speaker, and then we will move to the questions from you, guys ☺So, let’s get started 🚀

Can you give us an overview of the vision and mission behind Mollars DEX & $MOLLARS?

Sylvain: Hello everyone 🙂 Yes, of course, let me jump directly into it. The vision behind $MOLLARS and Mollars DEX is to create a fully decentralized ecosystem that prioritizes transparency, security, and community engagement. $MOLLARS is designed as a store of value, governed by the community, to ensure that all decisions reflect the interests of the investors. 

Mollars DEX, on the other hand, is our web3 application aimed at making the ecosystem accessible to a broader audience. By offering a cross-chain decentralized exchange, we strive to demonstrate that $MOLLARS is not just another token but a comprehensive solution in decentralized finance.

BIC: Sylvain, what blockchain is $MOLLARS built on, and why was this platform chosen?

Sylvain: That’s a good question, $MOLLARS is built on the Ethereum Mainet. We chose Ethereum for its established crypto reputation, robust security features, and ability to support complex smart contracts. Ethereum’s strong developer community and extensive ecosystem make it an ideal blockchain for deploying a decentralized token like $MOLLARS. This ensures that our token benefits from Ethereum’s reliability and scalability. It also promises us a much larger starting user base, as Ethereum is one of the most used blockchains in 2024.

BIC: Btw, how does Mollars DEX ensure security and prevent potential vulnerabilities? 👀👀👀

Sylvain: Mollars DEX ensures security by incorporating several key strategies. 

First, we integrate third-party SDKs and protocols renowned for their security features, such as Thirdweb and 0x Api. We also implement secure DEX liquidity pools to manage assets efficiently. Our back-end development includes rigorous security measures, such as regular audits and updates to our security protocols. We aim to protect our users from potential vulnerabilities and threats by continuously monitoring and improving our security infrastructure.

We will also host special event, like bug bounty and reward hunters in $MOLLARS for their good doing. This is one of the main reason, the community power will play a crucial role into reporting ongoing issue in the DEX.

BIC: Let’s move back to the token 🙌 How is the total supply of $MOLLARS tokens allocated? Can you provide details on the token distribution plan for the ICO?

Sylvain: Yes, of course, so the token supply is really split in the proper manner to benefit totally from the limited supply that we have; 

The total supply of $MOLLARS tokens is allocated as follows:

– 4,000,000 tokens for presale to raise initial funds and build a strong community base.

– 1,600,000 tokens for liquidity, ensuring sufficient liquidity for smooth exchange trading on Uniswap.

– 2,000,000 tokens for CEX listing to facilitate wider accessibility and trading options.

– 2,400,000 tokens for rewards on the DEX, incentivizing user participation and engagement.

If my math adds up properly, the total supply of $MOLLARS is 10,000,000 tokens, so half as Bitcoin.

BIC: When is the ICO scheduled to start, and what are the key dates to remember? What are the participation requirements for the ICO? 🤔

Sylvain: To be very honest the ICO started now since couple weeks now but let’s me get into the details. 

The ICO for $MOLLARS is scheduled to end on May 31, 2024. The official launch is planned for early June. To participate in the ICO, you need an Ethereum-compatible wallet and sufficient ETH to purchase tokens You can also totally use our partner wich offer an easy hand solution for contribution via credit card. 

Key dates to remember are the presale ending on May 31 and the launch in early June. The token will be open to claim, the 1st of June 2024, same days as the listing on Uniswap and our already announced CEX.

These dates mark essential milestones for securing your stake in the ecosystem.

BIC: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Are there any upcoming features or developments that the Community should be excited about? 

Sylvain: Yes, the community can look forward to several exciting upcoming features, especially the launch of our cross-chain DEX in September. As we mentioned on Twitter, it can happen earlier than that.

This DEX will include functionalities such as custom coin addition, custom liquidity pools, liquidation protection, and an airdrop feature. We will, of course, support many blockchains in a cross-chain way (ETH, AVAX, BSC, POLYGON, BASE, ARBITRUM ONE, OP MAINNET)

 These features enhance user experience and provide more opportunities for engagement and interaction within the Mollars ecosystem. The DEX will play a crucial role in demonstrating the value and utility of $MOLLARS. It will be our visit card into propelling the adoption of $Mollars to wider audience, and even to novice into cryptocurrency.

BIC: And how can the Community participate in the governance of Mollars DEX?

Sylvain: The community can participate in the governance of $MOLLARS through a gamified governance model. This model allows investors to have voting rights on key decisions and proposals, ensuring that the project’s direction aligns with the community’s interests. 

Governance mechanisms will be shared in detail closer to the launch date of the mollars dex ( ) , enabling transparent and democratic participation from all stakeholders. But let’s me confirm this, the voting power will be determined by the amount of $MOLLARS you are holding in your wallet.

BIC: What strategies are in place to promote Mollars DEX and increase adoption? How does Mollars plan to attract and retain users and investors?

Sylvain: Mollars plans to promote the DEX and increase adoption through targeted marketing campaigns, community engagement, and strategic partnerships. We aim to attract users by offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform, benefiting the $MOLLARS token through increased DEX adoption.

Our promotional efforts will include social media, press releases, word of mouth, and local events in various countries to engage users and make the experience more rewarding. We strive to build a loyal and active user base by continuously improving and expanding our offerings. To this end, we’ve developed a rewards program for our investors and DEX users, where greater engagement with Mollars leads to better rewards.

BIC: My last question: What are the biggest challenges Mollars has faced so far, and how were they overcome? 🚀

Sylvain: Nice last question, actually, well this is a very complex answer

One of the biggest challenges Mollars has faced is ensuring robust security and seamless integration of multiple blockchains into the DEX, as many know, security and avoiding any issue such as an exploit is very important to any DeFi project…  We have addressed these challenges by partnering with reputable third-party services, Already started conducting audits in the back-end code (smart contract), and implementing rigorous testing protocols. 

Our commitment to transparency, continuous improvement, and community engagement has helped us build trust and confidence within the community, overcoming these obstacles and moving forward with our project. Our ethos is being as much as possible transparent with our community, and that is why, we have been able with some work, raise over 1.4m $ purely in an organic manner in our ICO.

BIC: Great! Let’s move to the questions from the Community 😎 Sylvain, what questions did you choose?

Sylvain: I personally selected to start with: 

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into the Mollars ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token? 

From @Kennedy192

This is question is more or less, all about Marketing, as many of you know. You won’t bring anybody new into your ecosystem unless they know you, hear about you and have trust into you. And the greatest way to onboard non crypto natives into Mollars is to create Local Event in countries having a very high interest in crypto, this is what we started just recently in Colombia, creating little pop up event about Mollars. 

On the other hand balancing technology development and token value involves continuous innovation, transparent governance, and active community engagement. This approach ensures that the platform meets user needs and drives adoption. This is why we are hoping for a very fundamental element a STORE OF VALUE, wich speak for it self, and user friendly cross chain DEX, so new comer can easily use it even if novice.

BIC: What about the second question? 

Sylvain: Where can I buy Mollars tokens right now? What is your current contract, and how can I buy them? @tommynguyencrypto

Mollars tokens can be purchased during the ongoing presale on the Mollars website. 

Post-launch, the tokens will be listed on multiple exchanges to increase accessibility and liquidity. We will start the launch by being listed on Uniswap, followed by being listed on 3 CEX ( LBank, BitMart &

 The current contract address is available on the Mollars website but you cannot yet buy outside the smart contract built on our website during the ICO.

BIC: The third question? 😏

Sylvain: The 3rd question I selected is: Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know Mollars more clearly, or do you have a YouTube channel or something? Can you share it with us? By @maimaixa

Mollars will provide comprehensive tutorial videos and resources on its YouTube channel and other social media platforms. These resources will help users understand and navigate the platform’s features and functionalities but also the token as a store of value, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

You can find here, for example, the explanation of what Mollars is:

BIC: We do love tutorials, thank you! 😍 The 4th one?

Sylvain: Will there be a buyback system or token burning in the future for Mollars? Do you have any Anti-dump mechanism for holders who may want to dump during a pump? By @SaranMarlow

Mollars may implement deflationary mechanisms during specific moments to reduce the token supply if we have some funds left for it, but we won’t really on such features, the token will have a deflation if there is an unsold token during our presale, and we will then burn them all… 

Anti-dump mechanisms include incentivizing long-term holding through community engagement programs and potential staking functionalities, Bitcoin didn’t integrate such weird features, we decided to not reinvent the wheel, and the MOLLARS token will be classic ERC-20 token. These measures will help maintain token value and stability.

Here is the check-up from GoPlusLabs.

And for the last question: 

Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not, can you tell us, What makes your project different from other projects? From @ducluong27

Many projects promise great things but fail to deliver a working product or generate revenue within a reasonable timeframe. Is Mollars different? Absolutely.

Why Mollars Stands Out:

Working Product and Revenue Generation: Mollars is committed to delivering a functional product and generating revenue. Our decentralized exchange (DEX) will launch with innovative features that ensure immediate usability and value.

Unique Value Proposition: Unlike many projects, Mollars emphasizes true decentralization. Our platform is owned and maintained by investors, not a central authority, not a single owner that owns too much supply like $SHIB or $BTC creators ( and some info here ( ). This ensures that the interests of our users are always prioritized.

Transparent Governance: Mollars operates with transparent governance, allowing the community to have a direct say in the project’s direction. This transparency builds trust and fosters a collaborative environment.

Innovative Features: Our DEX offers cross-chain support, automatic and optimized price aggregation, and support for multiple native and wrapped coins. Mollars token will benefit a lot from those features. Large liquidity means large investors 

Active Community Engagement: We actively engage with our community through targeted marketing campaigns, social media, press releases, and local events. Our reward program incentivizes user participation (the more you participate in the Mollars ecosystem, the more you will be able to redeem your point for $MOLLARS), making the Mollars ecosystem more engaging and rewarding.

Continuous Improvement: Mollars is dedicated to continuously improving and expanding our offerings. Our development milestones ensure that we deliver new features and enhancements regularly, keeping our platform ahead of the curve. Thats is why we choose Ethereum as our Mainet for $MOLLARS token.

In summary, Mollars is different because it is built on the principles of true decentralization, transparency, and community engagement. These core values, combined with our innovative features and commitment to delivering a working product, ensure that Mollars will succeed where others fail.

BIC: Cool! Sylvain, thank you so much for being here today 🖤Sylvain: Thank you for having me today! I really appreciate everyone’s interest with all the questions (more than 200 questions) about Mollars.


As our AMA with Sylvain Manzano comes to a close, it is clear that Mollars has a strong focus on transparency, security, and community governance.

The upcoming launch of Mollars DEX will make digital assets easier to use and more accessible, thanks to its innovative features and cross-chain support. Join the Mollars community and be part of this exciting journey. 


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