Meme Rally Makes a Comeback; PEPE Momentum Defies Market Downturn With Price Explosion, Analysts Say That DTX Exchange Is The Next Hotspot

Meme Rally Makes a Comeback; PEPE Momentum Defies Market Downturn With Price Explosion, Analysts Say That DTX Exchange Is The Next Hotspot

An explosive surge in the PEPE meme token has triggered a meme coin frenzy, pushing various meme coins to witness significant price momentum. The sector is seeing massive capital inflows evidenced by the 9% surge in the market cap, hopping beyond $55 billion. Investors are again eyeing meme coins to yield significant returns similar to the rally in February.


PEPE Beats Ethereum Classic Amid Bullish Price Rebound

Anticipated by crypto analysts like Captain Faibik and MaxbecauseBTC, Pepe’s (PEPE) price trajectory is pushing investors to make their bids in the meme sector. With a bullish surge of 200% in the trading volume, the PEPE price shows massive on-chain activity, indicating the shifting sentiment of investors amid a broader market downturn.

Amid the bullish rally, Pepe has also achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the Ethereum classic in market cap. PEPE meme coin has taken the lead with a surge beyond $4.5 billion in market cap. With a 20% surge on the intraday chart, analysts foresee massive potential for the meme token in the upcoming days.



Why PEPE Performed Amid Market Downturn

PEPE is a prominent meme coin with an impact on the meme sector. Despite encountering some challenges in 2024, PEPE was the top favorite for the investor community due to its bright prospects and massive potential for price breakouts. Leading market analysts support PEPE’s trajectory towards a $50 billion market cap, leading investors to further bid on the meme token.

Consequently, this bull run was primarily initiated by the same investor sentiment. About 650 billion PEPE tokens were purchased in the past two days, putting the PEPE price on a bullish trendline. These accumulations continue as the PEPE price has crossed the $0.00001 level and analysts believe that the next crucial resistance is at $0.000013 if the price trend sustains.



Analysts Favor DTX Token As The Next Crypto With 25x Potential

DTX Exchange (DTX) is emerging as a prominent tradFi platform in the financial sector poised to lead in the upcoming bull cycle. The platform blends the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges boasting a hybrid trading space for retail and institutional investors in diverse markets including cryptos, equities, stocks, and forex.

With the ground-breaking feature of 1000x leverage for traders, DTX Exchange commits to enhancing the trading experience and profit capitalization. Through robust security and blockchain technology, users possess a safe and secure space to hold their funds and trade in markets of their choice without concerns of security compromisation.

The project has raised an astonishing $540,000 in stage 2 of the public presale, leading analysts to believe in the unprecedented potential of the project. DTX Token is priced at $0.04 which will surge to $0.06 in the next round. Analysts expect a potential price breakout above $1 in the anticipated Q2 listing of DTX, promising 25x returns for early adopters.


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