MATR1X Bestows Elite NFT and Token Perks in the Metaverse

MATR1X Bestows Elite NFT and Token Perks in the Metaverse

MATR1X, the self-proclaimed “first mobile shooting game in the metaverse,” has launched its long-awaited Apollo Program.

The program introduces the ecosystem’s first case opening event, featuring a significant airdrop of 50 million $MAX tokens—the primary means of early $MAX acquisition—along with a range of top-tier NFT-infused weapon skins.

Inspired by the iconic Apollo Moon Landing, the metaverse-run program promises an extravagant case-opening experience.


Exclusive Rewards Await

Within the Apollo Program, participants will discover two distinctive souvenir cases—the KUKU X Collection Souvenir Case and the Matr1x Fire Pioneer Souvenir Case. Each offers exclusive opportunities to acquire rare weapon skin NFTs and stickers.

The MART1X Fire Pioneer Souvenir Case requires 1 $FIRE per opening, while the KUKU X Collection Souvenir Case can be obtained by staking $KUKU or purchasing it from third-party markets.

Moreover, 10,000 Pioneer Souvenir Cases are reserved for Moca ID Holders, with an additional 8,000 allocated for Moca NFT Holders.

All participants can expect a substantial airdrop of 50,000,000 $MAX tokens, which will offer early acquisition opportunities and governance privileges.

Moreover, the program provides opportunities to win additional rewards through specific sticker combinations in the souvenir cases, unlocking mystery prizes, or extra $MAX tokens.

With its innovative offerings and exclusive rewards, the MATR1X Apollo Program marks a significant milestone in the gaming community and promises an exciting journey ahead.

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