Guru Network X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Guru Network X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive AMA session with Evgeny Vahteev, the CTO of Guru Network, hosted by BeInCrypto. Join us as we dive deep into the evolution of DexGuru, from its origins as a DeFi trading terminal to its current transformation into the Guru Network, a comprehensive AI-driven platform. 

Evgeny will share insights on the vision behind Guru Network, the innovative technology stack powering it, and how it seamlessly integrates trading and analytics for a superior user experience!

AMA Session with Evgeny Vahteev from Guru Network

BeInCrypto: We’re excited about our upcoming AMA session! Today, we’re thrilled to welcome a special guest — the CTO of Guru Network 🔥😏

🗣 COMMUNITY I’ll ask some questions for Evgeny Vahteev (@evahteev). After that, he will answer the 3 most interesting questions from you (quick reminder: we collected these questions in advance!) 🔥


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What was the primary vision behind creating, and how has that vision evolved since its inception?

Evgeny: That’s a great question, especially given our recent transition to Guru Network. Many people remember us from the Dex Guru Trading Terminal days and wonder why we’ve shifted to a network model, what orchestration involves, and why AI plays a role in it.

We started as DeFi trading terminal providing a unified platform that merges real-time trading with in-depth analytics, and DeFi trading experience by offering both elements in a single, accessible interface.

That was a new concept back then when BNB was just Launched and Poligon was just getting steam. We went through the whole DeFi summer with terminal, got VC funded, and then UST,FTX and winter came, so plans for TGE were postponed, and retail volume dried out mostly we switched to B2B products lineup coming from the same backend.

Here’s our trading terminal with traders categorization and analytics.

We initially developed a block explorer and then began offering it to various blockchain networks.

The first one was Canto, and then on 18 chains. 

We began by offering B2B products to various blockchain networks and soon realized the need to enhance our offerings. This led to the development of the Guru Data Warehouse, expanding our suite of tools to better serve our clients.

At some point, we recognized that our real strength was not merely in providing a data analytics toolset but in offering a comprehensive developer’s toolkit tailored for the builders’ community. This realization led to the transformation of Guru Data Warehouse into a full-fledged development platform, which eventually evolved into what is now the Guru Network and Flow.

And that path got us all the way to the Guru Multi Chain AI Orchestration layer we are launching in following weeks.

BIC: Please give us an overview of the technology stack that powers

Evgeny: We started at times there were no reliable RPC providers at the market. That’s why our technology stack starts from nodes we run ourselves for all the chains we support(, then we have ETL Pipeline inherited from open-source ethereum ETL(python)  extensively developed towards DeFI needs(Prices, Pools, Dexes, Balances etc). Clickhouse DB is a core Storage of Data Warehouse, Next.js, and react applications.

BIC: combines trading and analytics on one platform. Can you explain how this integration benefits users compared to using separate platforms for trading and analytics?

Evgeny: That’s the concept we started with at DexGuru, where multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXes) were presented alongside trading options across them. Users appreciated the feeling of control and the ability to conduct their own research (DYOR) directly on the platform.

We continued to deliver in that same user-centric manner, and now we offer a data-rich Guru Warehouse analytics suite, fully integrated and embedded within the platform.

We have a new DexGuru V2 Auto coming soon. 

BIC: What are some recent innovations or developments that you’re particularly proud of?

Evgeny: As we expanded our B2B analytics products, we began tackling not just the data-reading aspects but also the execution and orchestration side of things. This led to our first implementation of Chainflow during the ETHOnline hackathon, which further evolved into Flow and, ultimately the Guru Network. 

Chainflow served as a proof of concept for the future BBPA (Blockchain Business Process Automation) Engines, which now act as the compute layer on the Guru Network – Compute Orchestration Chain.

We then implemented data-aware AI agents in our block explorers, orchestrating them in the same manner as Chainflow. The definitions are done in BPMN standard:

Process definitions are run on Guru Network Orchestration Nodes and synchronized through Inscriptions on Guru Network as they serve as inscriptions producers and indexers at the same time and can trigger events based on messages coming from other engines.

BIC: Our usual question: How do you ensure the platform’s security and reliability, especially considering the service’s decentralized nature?

Evgeny: At Dex Guru, we rely on the security mechanisms of our vendors since we function as an aggregator of aggregators. This approach allows us to leverage established, robust security protocols across different platforms to ensure the safety and reliability of our services.

For the Guru Network, particularly regarding the Process Definitions Smart Contracts we plan to deploy, we have dedicated significant time and resources to conduct thorough security audits and reviews prior to the mainnet launch.

BIC: All that Guru Network stuff looks complicated… How can a simple user get started with it?

Evgeny: That’s a good question. We are constantly working on simplifying our platform and improving the user experience at Guru Network, as well as enhancing our documentation available at 

BIC: What trends do you foresee in the decentralized space, and how is preparing to capitalize on these trends?

Evgeny: We see the DeFi space becoming increasingly complex for users as new financial mechanisms evolve. Recognizing users’ growing demand for Web3 Automation, we are responding by delivering DexGuru V2 Auto.

These Web3 automation functions will help our users track comprehensive trends and automate their usual actions and routines, enhancing their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

BIC: How will Guru Network’s BBPA engine (Blockchain Business Process Automation) impact the future of DeFi automation? Can you share some specific examples of how it can be used to automate DeFi tasks?

Evgeny: Yes, there are some obvious trading strategy examples visible on the screenshot I provided earlier. But, besides that We envision it as a catalog where Gurus contribute snippets for trades, exit strategies, periodic routines, and other degen activities we all love.

Users can select and deploy automation snippets from the catalog, paying an instantiation fee to the Guru who developed and published the snippet.

BIC: BTW, user experience is crucial for retaining traders and analysts. What steps has taken to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience?

Evgeny: We are planning to launch DexGuru V2, featuring a completely new interface and automations, first for a private beta within our Guru NFT Season Pass holders community and then to the public along with Guru Network Mainnet launch.

Let screenshots speak for themselves:

Plus all the automations I’ve mentioned and posted as screenshots earlier.

BIC: What about the community? How important is its involvement in the development and growth of 

Evgeny: We have a vibrant community of DeFi users and Guru Season Pass NFT holders.

We are planning to launch initially within our community, offering incentives for invites to the Season 2 NFT Collection and running automations from the tGuru Faucet. 

We are tentatively planning to release it in the coming weeks, prior to the TGE and LBP events scheduled for the end of May or June at the latest.

BIC: How will the Guru Network be governed? Will there be a role for token holders in decision-making?

Evgeny: So the community would be able to boost their rewards by helping us make DexGuru V2 Auto better.

We postponed provisional governance two years ago, along with the deferral of our TGE plans at that time.

But now we’re revisiting that idea and will provide a governance framework for the Guru Network in the coming months before the mainnet launch.

BIC: What can users expect from in the next year or two? Are there any major updates or expansions on the horizon?

Evgeny: The Guru Network launch and its ecosystem expansion around the narrative of Web3/AI Orchestration, fostering innovation and integration across technologies and user flows. You can learn more about it here.

Those plans are pretty much covering two-year period.

BIC: Thank you! Let’s move to the questions from the Community 😈


The Guru Enlightenment Network (GEN) aims to bridge AI and blockchain technologies. Can you detail how GEN facilitates the orchestration of user flows and business processes across both on-chain and off-chain environments, and what real-world applications this enables?

Evgeny: Guru Flow, a key product within the Guru Network ecosystem, orchestrates user actions, Web3 transactions, data insights, and the compute layer, incorporating prediction models as needed. Real-world applications range from our Web3 Auto POC, demonstrated at, to more complex, business-oriented projects like Pixelpact (, our inaugural non-Guru Ecosystem venture.

Pixelpact focuses on the tokenization of real-world assets, specifically artworks, which are used as the basis for creating unique NFTs. These NFTs, generated through three blending models that incorporate users’ input with original art, represent the real artwork and its value at exhibition events. By minting these NFTs, attendees support artists and engage in subsequent social finance activities available to NFT holders. Those are the basic examples that are already implemented and clickable by users.

BIC: @RenaldoDowd

For those interested in joining the Guru Network community and exploring revenue opportunities, what are the steps to get involved? Where can individuals purchase tokens and sign up to participate in the project’s ecosystem?

Evgeny: We have multiple layers of network participants within our ecosystem. Gurus who contribute to the agents and AI/Web3 automations. Ecosystem projects which are utilizing the processes from catalog and flow technology as a framework for running their full stack applications in between AI, Web2, and Web3 context and retail who is looking to automate their DeFi routines and GPT tasks with the ability to pick something that works from catalog and start getting results in minutes.

We are currently working on better documentation and guides for each guru network participants audience so it would show a clear pass for participation and earning within the ecosystem.

that’s from the litepaper. 

BIC: @Anastaciaberrios63

How does DexGuru V2 (Auto) differentiate itself from traditional analytics platforms, and what features can users expect from this closed beta release?

Evgeny: On top of our traditional feature reach trading analytics Dex Guru V2 is aiming to provide new Web3 automation features. Those automation scenarios are based on reach data, synthetic indicators, and trained AI models, and executed in a non-custodial fashion in the user’s controlled environment. That gives a completely new perspective on possible DeFi activities, eliminates human errors, and makes our lives easier. On the other side community members (Gurus) who develop and publish their scripts and agents in the catalog are incentivized by instantiation and infrastructure fees share paid by users who deploy and run them.

We did POC of automation features just recently:

BIC: Great, that’s it! @evahteev, thank you for being with us today 🖤 

Evgeny: I want to thank the BeInCrypto community for participation.

These 3 lucky Community members will get $20 💸 for their questions.




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Final Thoughts About Guru Network

Our AMA session with Evgeny Vahteev was a glimpse into the exciting future of DeFi. Guru Network has grown from a simple trading terminal into a cutting-edge platform driven by AI. With features like the Guru Data Warehouse and BBPA engines, it’s clear that Guru Network is changing the game in decentralized finance. 

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey—explore, engage, and innovate with Guru Network. Stay connected with this project on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates, opportunities, and community events. 


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