Fireblocks Integrates Injective to Boost Institutional Access

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Fireblocks, a renowned digital asset custodian, has integrated Injective, an interoperable layer one blockchain, in a move that promises to accelerate institutional adoption, according to a recent post on Injective’s blog.

Fireblocks and Injective Integration

With this integration, Injective has become one of the first L1 blockchains to be natively integrated with Fireblocks. This development opens up new opportunities for the global institutional users of Fireblocks to directly onboard onto Injective and its broader ecosystem of decentralized applications.

What is Fireblocks?

Fireblocks is presently one of the most significant custodians in the digital asset space. It offers services that include secure storage and transfer of crypto and other digital assets. It caters to large institutional clients who are keen on holding assets in the blockchain space. The platform has gained recognition for its advanced security features which appeal to large financial institutions whose businesses and reputations heavily rely on security and compliance. Fireblocks is currently trusted by over 1,800 leading organizations, including banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions. It has facilitated the safe transfer of more than $4 trillion in digital assets.

What Value Does Fireblocks Bring to Injective?

Fireblocks has chosen Injective as one of the first blockchains to be natively integrated with its platform. This strategic move means that institutions can now securely hold and access native Injective assets such as INJ more seamlessly than before. Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Injective Labs, stated that the integration was a significant milestone in enabling institutions to onboard onto Injective more rapidly than ever before.


Moreover, the Fireblocks integration allows institutional users to safely and securely access Injective’s lightning-fast blockchain, along with its wide array of dApps. Major funds and institutions can easily deploy capital and connect to applications across the vibrant Injective ecosystem. Fireblocks can now serve as a significant gateway into Injective native apps that range from trading and lending to money markets, and more.

Institutional-grade Access to Injective

Currently, numerous major institutions across the Web3 landscape are integrated onto Injective, with new firms continuing to join the network. The integration with Fireblocks provides a significant boost to Injective’s institutional adoption efforts and marks another milestone in further merging the world of traditional finance with DeFi.

Now, institutions can access Injective to custody and transfer native Injective assets such as INJ without compromising efficiency or security. Fireblocks users can also directly onboard onto dApps across the Injective ecosystem while maintaining necessary compliance standards. Injective will continue to onboard traditional institutions onto the only L1 built for finance and facilitate their transition to a new world of Web3 finance. The integration with Fireblocks significantly enhances Injective’s global presence by offering an unmatched gateway for institutional access.

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