Deadfellaz’ Horror PvP Game ‘Wallhugger’ Enters Alpha Testing

Deadfellaz' Horror PvP Game 'Wallhugger' Enters Alpha Testing

What is Wallhugger?

“Wallhugger” introduces players to a new part of the Deadfellaz universe.

The game focuses on the aftermath of a failed cure given to the Infected after The Incident that led to the creation of the Deadfellaz. Players take on the role of a nameless Mechanic tasked with maintaining an underground facility, relying on an AI system for alerts.

The game combines elements from classic titles such as Halflife, Lethal Company, and Pacman, blending survival horror with competitive PvP gameplay. Players must navigate the facility’s levels, performing maintenance tasks like fixing fans and drains, while avoiding creatures like the Lurker.

Deadfellaz' Wallhugger Alpha Testing - The Lurker Source: Deadfellaz

Collector Perks and Participation

Deadfellaz collectors can receive in-game perks, such as alternative mechanic suits, backpacks, wrenches, and gas masks, that align with the game’s aesthetic.


To join the alpha test, interested players can visit The Sandbox‘s official website to download the TSB installer, and access the Wallhugger alpha build using the provided link. This alpha build will support both PvP and solo play.

“Once out of alpha stage, we plan for Wallhugger to be the first IP born within TSB to have independent commercial success and exposure,” said Psych, Co-Founder and Game Director of Deadfellaz. “We believe with Tempest & TSB by our side, we can achieve a truly unique and addictive gameplay experience and IP.”

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